What is the idea?

CryptoMonsters.world is a new type of game based on the Litecoin blockchain technology. It represents a virtual world, inhabited by cryptomonsters, which are constantly evolving and interacting with each other.

Each cryptomonster has a unique genome and strives to grow and evolve. It has multiple characteristics - the most important of them is its evolutionary level. The bigger the level is, the more evolved the cryptomonster is, and the higher its chances to evolve further are.

The game is based on the continuous generation of new unique blocks of the Litecoin blockchain.


Nowadays there are dozens of games, based on the Ethereum blockchain, which offer basically the same gaming experience to their users.

The exploration of new possibilities of the blockchain technology led us to the idea to develop CryptoMonsters.world - a completely new type of game, empowered by the Litecoin network.

The crypto evolution

The CryptoMonsters.world platform is constantly computing multiple evolutionary rounds (also called games). Every evolutionary round opposes a group of cryptomonsters (between 2 and 5), lasts approximately 10 minutes and has a single winner, determined by the Litecoin blockchain.

The blockchain network is used as an improvised clock - each time the clock ticks (a new block is mined), the evolution moves forward. All currently pending evolutionary rounds, which depend on the newly generated block, are then resolved based on its unique properties.

The winner consumes 20% of the mass of its opponents and assimilates some of their characteristics into its own genome. As a result it grows and evolves into a new unique cryptomonster. Its level increases by 20% of the total sum of the levels of its opponents.

The defeated cryptomonsters lose 20% of their mass and level, respectively. The losers also evolve into new unique cryptomonsters and acquire some of winner's traits.

When a game is over, each cryptomonster can continue evolving by joining another game, can be sold on the marketplace, or can be split into two smaller ones, which can be also played with, sold or split.

If a cryptomonster's level drops below 0.2, it can't evolve anymore and ascends to the CryptoMonsters Heaven.

Determining the winner

Each evolutionary round is resolved after approximately 10 minutes.

The game starts, when the last monster joins. At this moment the most recent Litecoin blockchain block is recorded and the platform awaits the 2-th block following it. This upcoming block is also called the resolving block and is unknown at the moment, when the game starts.

It is very important to note that the winner is determined by the hash value of the resolving block, therefore, the CryptoMonsters.world platform cannot be manipulated by anyone.
You can read the technical details here.

Evolutionary chances

A cryptomonster with a bigger level has bigger chance of winning, and vise versa - a cryptomonster with smaller level has smaller chance. The winner always consumes 20% of its opponents, therefore, if the cryptomonster with the smallest level wins, it would benefit the most.

The marketplace

A cryptomonster can be traded on the marketplace - its selling price depends on its evolutionary level - the bigger the level is, the higher its nominal value is.

If a cryptomonster's level drops below 1.0, it can't be sold.

The cryptomonster's timeline

The cryptomonster's timeline is another cool feature of the platform - it shows the complete evolutionary history of a cryptomonster - from its birth to its ascension to the CryptoMonsters Heaven.

What's next?
Go to the Getting Started / FAQ page or read the technical details here.