Latest Features and Improvements

  • by CryptoMonsters World Team
  • ยท
  • August 31, 2018

Dear friends,

Since the launch of the game CryptoMonsters World three weeks ago your monsters have participated in more than 3000 evolutionary rounds! In the meanwhile, we implemented new features and made a few improvements.

So, what's new?

#1 Fair Game and Crazy Game
You can now let your monsters play against monsters with closer levels, if you choose to join a Fair Game. If your monster is brave enough, it could also join a Crazy Game, where no level restrictions apply.

#2 Buffs
You can now improve your monsters' chances to evolve by using different magical potions.

#3 Rankings
We also added a rank list of the twelve biggest monsters, which are currently evolving.

Thank you for being part of the CryptoMonsters World community!

Play and have fun!